Updated June 2023

The XyayX Institute

How the XyayX Institute is leveraging Delores Digital to create the school's mental health infrastructure and use mental health care to improve student performance

Meet The
XyayX Institute

A History Dedicated to The Community

A K-12 Black owned and operated independent school created to provide black students with strategic lifelong education and STEM training to foster the next generation of black leaders and critical thinkers who will shape the world - The XyayX Institute- Is one of the few Black-owned and operated independent schools created exclusively for Black students.

As a 501(c)(3) Not-for-profit school, The XyayX Institute brings an internationally diverse collection of teachers to the black youth of Brownsville and East New York, and across the U.S.; using virtual and in-school instruction to provide STEM focused, Black experience aligned schooling to prepare America’s Black and Afro-Latino youth to be leaders of tomorrow.

XyayX The Movement

A part of XyayX The Movment - The XyayX Institute's parent organization; XyayX is a 100% Black-owned independent non-profit school

A Decade of Service

For more than 10 years XyayX has provided Brooklyn's black community with K12 science fairs, civil liberties education, TASC training and more

Supporting The Entire Community

XyayX is more than an educational institution, supporting students & adults alike with degree assistance and social justice advisement, and housing assistance

School Overview

168 Students

57 New York based students and 111 virtual students

STEM & Afro-history

XyayX offers an academic education that goes beyond the core curriculum, offering an African-centered STEM and Social Justice-based schooling that suits the needs of all students

Supporting Brooklyn+

Regardless of geographic location, XyayX conducts real-time online courses, connecting virtual and NYC students

More Than a School

XyayX offers a strategic life-lasting education that fosters the development of critical thinkers who can lead their communities to prosperity, supporting them every step along the way

Too often the rich parts of African and Oceanic history are under- or unmentioned in traditional school curriculum. This recognition of the school system, the first hand accounts of culturally driven mistreatment of the nations black youth, and lacking academics all led to the foundation of the XyayX Institute.

XyayX’s dedication to students isn’t confined within the school’s walls. When a student’s family’s housing situation went into flux, XyayX stepped in to provide the student and the family with temporary housing.

The XyayX Institute is on a mission to provide people of African descent to receive a strategic lifelong education that will foster the development of critical thinkers who are prepared to lead our communities to prosperity.

~ Culturally connected experts in 21+ specialties 

~ Sessions incorporated into school day

~ Anonymized social, emotional, and behavioral (SEB) assessment and academic growth tracked to measure real world impact


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The XyayX Institute is a unqiue insititution dedicated to seeing black children reach their peak potential. Using in-depth STEM education to position their 100% black student body for succesful lives and impactful careers.

Both the public and mainstream private school complexes can be highly aggressive environments for children of color. Students frequently face peer, and faculty, aggressions for their skin color, ethnicity,financial status, accents and linguistic abilities and more. A sense of otherness and isolation is further perpetrated when other rich parts of African and Oceanic history are unmentioned and instead black andbrown students are oversaturated with stories of slavery and discrimination versus excellence and joy. These are the daily experiences of black youth in America that lead to the foundation of the XyayX Institute, an institute commitent to seeing our community thrive.

As an institution specifically birthed to academically nurture Black and Afro-Latino children and preparethem to be future leaders of their generation and beyond, XyayX is committed to providing students with the greatest skillset and cognitive capabilities possible. This includes improving the mental, behavioral, and socio-cognitive capability of all students by using a combination of virtual and in-person support to provide students with mental and cognition-based instruction to complement their existing academic education.


~ Helping strengthen the mental, behavioral, andsocio-cognitive capabilities mental health NYC based students before theyembark on their post-high school educations

~ Demonstrable improvements in student sense of self and social cognition,translating to increased academic performance

Students with wellbeing challenges are more likely to miss school, miss critical classroom instruction, have poor interactions with peers and underperform on classroom assements. Developing student wellbeing skills and practices school wide leads to stronger students and greater communities.

Roughly half of all life lasting battles with wellbeing have first onset by mid-adolescence and threee quarters occur by mid-twenties. By developing the wellbeing skills and practices of students 5th+ grade, XyayX students develop the framework for healthy, stable relationships and normalizes wellness conversations among black adolescents.

What's Next

Support for virutal students and XyayX staff

During the first 12 months of XyayX's partnership with Delores Digital, the school is providing all ages 12+ NYC students with personal wellbeing sessions to develop their wellbeing skills and SEB health. XyayX and Delores Digital look forward to expanding the program to all 168 students.

The XyayX Institute Support Program