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A Truly Comprehensive Program

Board certified primary care, therapy, counseling providers who work in conjunction with your existing team plus other niche wellness experts, coaches and career advisors.

Improving the state of mind of students and employees alike

Measurably enhance performance across the board by statistically tracking the impact of social, emotional, and behavioral (SEB) support on the metrics that matter to you
Combine virtual & in-person care with mandatory and optional sessions to create the optimal program for your organization
Start a program from scratch or use Delores Digital to expand your existing care to include evenings and weekends
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our process

Designing and Implementing Your Perfect Plan

Step 1 - Organization Deep Dive

Before we even look to creating a care system, we get to know you. Your organization's history, your plans for the future, your values, your ideal population demographics and socio-economics.

Step 2 - Needs Discovery

Once we understand who you are, where you've been, and where you want to go, we gather the information needed to determine what care is needed, what the ideal implementation pathways are, what metrics you want to track and any other criteria that matter to you.

Step 3 - Planning & Structuring

Based on your goals and organization size, we decide if we need to add additional experts to best match your needs. After we complete background checks, malpractice insurance on all new experts, we set our timeline, metric tracking process and delivery schedule.

Step 4 - Implementation

Accessing your customized support is the easiest part. All that is needed is for individuals to create an account. All tracking metrics are done according to a triple-blind research process, meaning throughout the entire program privacy and anonymity remain protected.

The resources you always wanted to provide now readily available

Non-profit organizations and under-funded schools may qualify for our financing assistance program

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