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The greastet investment you can ever make is in yourself. That includes investing in your physical health and state of mind. Prioritize your physical and mental wealth.

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Create a personal collection of personalized group of specialists to aid in your athletic pursuits, professional targets and personal matters.

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The Journey to Success Made Easy

Network of licensed 360, inside-and-out mind & body support
Remove geograpic concerns - experts are accessible across the country
Conversations are always on your own schedule

Removing the barriers that have kept you from success

Decide to invest in your life

Find an expert for your specific needs

Speak with specialists on your own terms

Make yourself stronger & richer in life


Our pricing plans


Have a quick question or a topic that they need an expert’s guidance on?

Find quick resolutions
$7 for 7-minute sessions
Contact an expert
$Vary by Expert

Have multiple questions, an intricate situation, or a detailed concern you need resolved with more immediacy than in person visit can provide?

Complete expert engagement
Different rates for different specialties
Experts set rates for 30-minute discussions
Send a message for a response within 2-days or view schedule to book time
monthly package

Know you are going to be speaking with experts frequently for up to a month?

A month of $1 conversations
Engage various experts at one singular price
Have cost conscious support for long-term circumstances

We’ve pulled some common questions to help you get started

​How do you verify providers and physicians?

All providers attempting to sign up are required to submit their practices NPI number or their contact information. We then contact the provider in question, after we verify the identity of the user registering for Delores is a member of that practice, we then confirm your center's registration with the proper doctor .

How do your protect my data?

We treat data protection with the outmost care. You can review our data privacy policy on the privacy page.

How secure are my files?

Your files are are secured to TLS 1.2 encryption when they are both in transit and at rest. In addition to our other privacy and safeguard measures, this means all of your files are secured to HIPAA standards at all times.

How does pricing work?

Experts set their rates for 30-minute sessions. Delores provides recommendation price ranges based on area of expertise, but ultimately it is the expert is able to choose their own rate. We collect a flat 15% operation fee from each rate and discounts we provide you come from that respective fee.


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