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We’ve pulled some common questions to help you get started

What is Delores Digital?

Delores Digital, often just called Delores, is a digital health platform and client & provider services coordinator. We bring doctors, therapists, counselors, and coaches from primarily BIPOC backgrounds to provide first-class care to people who often find their available care providers culturally disconnected or biased. Our goal is to help facilitate a health system where cultural understanding, representation, and comfort are the norm. 

Where Does Delores Operate?

Delores Digital provides connections for digital therapy in all 50 US states and territories. We closely monitor and comply with each state's policy on interstate telehealth, so clients are only treated by providers who are legally permitted to provide virtual care.

​How do you verify providers and physicians?

All providers attempting to sign up are required to submit their practice’s NPI number or their contact information. We then contact the provider in question, after we verify the identity of the user registering for Delores as a member of that practice, we then confirm your center's registration with the proper physician before holding multiple in-depth interviews.

How do your protect my data?

We treat data protection with the utmost care. You can review our data privacy policy on the privacy page.

Is Delores only for BIPOC people?

We provide connections for therapeutic support to all people regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or sex. For many patients using Delores a lack of trust in traditional healthcare methods stems from feeling culturally disconnected from the healthcare professionals who feel available to them. We are helping rebuild faith in the healthcare system by increasing the visibility of BIPOC health experts and making the new relationship-connecting process seamless. All people are welcome to use Delores Digital.

How Does Delores Work?

Delores works simply so clients have control over the provider they meet with, the time of their session, and the general structure of their session. Clients create an account on the Delores Digital telehealth platform, follow a guided selection process to identify the provider(s) they think are best for their lives, and then have a session with their provider through their secured Delores account, on the platform. The other logistics are handled by Delores Digital. Letting clients and providers focus on their session and a better future.

How secure are my files?

Your files are secured to TLS 1.2 encryption when they are both in transit and at rest. In addition to our other privacy and safeguard measures, this means all of your files are secured to HIPAA standards at all times.

How does pricing work?

Experts set their rates for 30-minute sessions. Delores provides recommendation price ranges based on area of expertise, but ultimately it is the expert who is able to choose their own rate. We accept out-of-pocket and insurance payments.

Do I need to pay for a provider for a quick question?

If you think your question is quick and will not require a full-length session, we encourage you to submit it through the form available to you here on our website. If it is a quick question, one of our providers can answer it via your preferred contact method at no cost.

Our Mission

Generations of BIPOC communities have faced trauma, cultural stigmas, and limited access to affordable mental health care. We are on a mission to bring a positive change to the lives of people by offering comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant digital health services.
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