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By becoming a Delores professional you are pledging to join an ecosystem dedicated to improving the well-being of clients on passionate journeys of discipline and self-actualization. You will not be operating in an isolated bubble, instead you will engage in cross-speciality collaboration with other experts to uncover the means and methods truly best suited to grow every client served. Be ready to expand beyond the comforts of your individual practice and join a coalition building unstoppable people.  
Why join Delores

Our Promise to You

Delores is committed to providing people with access to the people trained to guide them to the life positioning they deserve. We make sure you have the technology, awareness, and platform necessary to aid them in that journey.

Focus on Care

There's no need to worry about the costs of engaging clients, billing, support or operations. We handle it so you can focus on care.

Work on Your Own Schedule

We may ask for your preferred times to service an organization. At all other times, requests are sent directly to you or your practice. If 2-days pass before you respond, the client is notified and provided with a list of other experts in the same area of expertise.

Earn What's Comfortable For You

Set your rate at the level you feel comfortable with. We provide recommended price ranges and collect 15% of your listed rate. The listed rate is your decision. Servicng an organization is based on the base expert rate.

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We are always looking for new passionate experts ready to join Delores Digital. Your dedication to providing to making access to quality care is valued. As a Delores expert you are guaranteed a level of community engagement and interaction that extends beyond standard care, and is coupled with opportunities to use your voice to promote health as wealth both online and offline