Wealth in health awaits

Physical & Mental Wealth in Schools, Businesses, and Personal Lives

Delores Digital is the first BIPOC focused digital health clinic that treats physical and mental health as investments in your overall wealth and future success.

Working cohesively with organizations to use improved state of mind to increase performance.

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Because Performance Starts With People

whether financial, academic, or athletic.
professional, personal, or relational.

We recognize an organization is a collection of highly promising and capable people.

An organization at its peak runs no different than one highly focused individual.

So indivudal or collective, Delores is here to assist you in maximizing your ability.

your ability starts with your state of mind. Your state of mind starts at physical & mental wealth

Whether 3pm or 3am.
You can always contact an expert.


Doctors, therapists and coaches with rates discounted as much as 75%


Identify, track and measure the impact of your state of being on key areas success

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For Organizations & Schools

Easily deliver your promise to support and provide growth

Performance enhancing mandates that you can track without sacrificing privacy and anonymity

How We Work With together
For Individuals

Personally select specialists who will best aid you  

Decide where you want to enrich your life and speak with them on your own terms

What a delores enriched life looks life

Receiving help in coping is so importing! I realized I saw myself in the group too. Thank goodness for amazing mental health support

Delores User

Thank you for reaching out and putting me in touch with Delores. I was struggling with [the therapy] I was using for PTSD-like symptoms after the loss of my daughter...That process just felt rushed and disconnected. The [guidance] I found on Delores felt more grounded

Delores User