Delores Digital

For healthcare providers who believe in integrated mental healthcare and client-centric care.

A revenue increase of 20% with better patient outcomes, while reducing your strain per patient.
Increased Referrals

20% of PCP visits result in a request for a referral to a mental health provider or for mental health care to be integrated into the patient's care plan. 

Billiable Consultations

For MDs, DOs, NPs, LCSWs, and LCPs provider-to-provider internet consultations are billable under  CPT codes such as 99446-99449 and 99451-99452. Interstate telehealth laws like patient-provider treatments do not restrict these consultations. On the Delores Digital Network, you can legally connect with providers across the country and bill for your provided consultation.

Better Patient Outcomes

Integrated healthcare leads to increased patient engagement, better screening rates, improved cost-effectiveness, transparency, and patient safety.

Less Strain Per Client

Having an immediately accessible network of providers with spanning expertise means you no longer have to extend yourself outside of your professional expertise. A niche expert MD, DO, NP, LCSW, or LCP is always available. 

Delores Digital is two-way integrated mental health care when you have a robust, comprehensive, and reliable network of MDs, NPs, DOs, LCSWs, and LCPs with diversified expertise for provider-to-provider consultations.

Currently, MDs, NPs, and DOs have Doximity as a database for unbillable connections. Over 80% of doctors use it and as a result, have direct, personal, unmediated access to other doctors and half of the nurse practitioners in the U.S. for consultations and referrals. However mental health providers are completely cut out of the chain and billing for time spent consulting is not supported.

Delores Digital is a network and chain where all clinical healthcare providers are included.

Including LCSWs and LCPs.

Unlike other healthcare provider databases and networks, billable consultations with other providers are enabled and supported on the Delores Digital Network.
Send and receive client referrals to treat at your practice, and support other healthcare providers through an integrated healthcare-based model for two-way billable digital consultations.